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About Us

Hello my dears,

I am Ela – and yes, I admit it: I am completely in love with Gran Canaria.

How exactly that happened was more of a coincidence. We were just looking for a warm destination for the cold winter season. But when I saw the island for the first time, I was just blown away. I didn‘t want to leave ever again. One day, this dream will come true and we can stay in Gran Canaria forever.

Until then, I want to know everything, really everything, about the island, learn everything and explore every corner of the island – and I am looking forward to sharing all these things with you.

If you like Gran Canaria as much as we do, if you have your own experiences or if you know very special places on the Island – just message me. If you have suggestions for topics, or want to know something about Gran Canaria, I’m also happy to receive your message.

On this website, I want to gather any possible information about the island and give you as much information as possible about the island from my side. If you want to support us in our work, we are of course always grateful about small donations from you. This would make it much easier to create a really great website for you, where you can find things that you won‘t find anywhere else. 🙂